Field Guides and Field Guide Workbooks are available to support your implementation of the Multidimensional Principal Performance Rubric (MPPR) and the Multidimensional Leadership Performance Rubric (MLPR). Whether you are using the MPPR or MLPR to assess and reflect on your own practice or your role includes assessing the practice of others, there is a Field Guide that has been written specifically with you in mind.

Field Guides and Workbooks include:

  • the step by step process for implementing the MPPR or MLPR , with strategies for adjusting the process to meet a variety of evaluation contexts
  • responses to frequently asked questions from MPPR and MLPR users
  • anecdotes, and examples from actual application of the rubrics and process
  • end of chapter processing questions to uncover insights and provide opportunities for reflection
  • explicitly annotated activities and forms that clearly support the use of the MPPR or MLPR by those who are assessing and reflecting on their own practice and those whose role is to assess the practice of others
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